I started with the idea roughly three weeks ago. I started prelim planning of the application under the name bookhead.co. Two weeks in I discovered bookfilia.com was available so I bought that because a .com is supposed to be better than a .co

Well yesterday I got bookuary.com. I was thinking if there was a month dedicated to books what would it be called. First I thought booktober but that’s already taken so I went with bookuary.com which ends like January.

I posted the three names to indiehackers to solicit feedback. Thanks to the community I’ve settled on bookuary. Hence from here forward I’m building bookuary, a book focused social network.

Now that I have the domain up I will post updates here instead of my day one journal that I have been using. When I get the time to I’ll also transfer some of those journal entries here so you can see the historical progress as well.