After a small bit of research I decided to go with Amazon RDS for mysql hosting. RDS because it’s easy to set up and maintain and mysql because I have experience working with mysql more than I have with any other database. Once I read a few aws docs I was able to get the db up and running pretty quickly.

I’ll stick to AWS for the hosting as well. Again I’m sticking to what I have the most experience. I’ll have separate ec2 instances for worker scripts, crawlers and web traffic

Backend and Front-end
I love node for workers and crawlers. I’m undecided on what I’ll use for the web server. I work mostly with php so I might go that route but for now I will focus on backend.

Data sources
Google books or Amazon seem like a good places to start for book information. I’ll take a look at what the goodreads API offers again. I’ve looked at it in the past and it was not the best to say the least. 

Twitter api is good for finding followers and linking them to their profiles on bookfilia


RDS is the first set of expense for the app. I think I should start a running costs post to detail each months costs. I’ll add that to my list of todos