So I got a new domain. I had bought the domain before but bookfilia sounds better I think. It might also be a better idea to have a .com than a .co

I’m realizing there’s some scope creep happening as I develop the ideas behind how bookfilia will work and how it will look. I started sketching a few potential screens and I think that’s making the task seem a bit scarier than it should be so I’m gonna try and reduce the launch features to what I think are the most essential for it to provide some amount of value. The stuff from before.

The very core function:

  1. View the book reccomendations of those you follow on twitter. That’s it. That is the most basic form of the offering. Get this out as soon as possible in an mvp.

And to capitalize on the mvp:

  1.  Create a waitlist for folks who want the full feature list
  2. Have a clear roadmap page that shows anyone visiting the plans for future features. Include a voting component to these features

Put this out in an mvp version of the app. Post to indie hackers, hacker news