Last year I discovered readwise at the same time I was building the same thing out of frustration. As soon as I discovered their project I became a paying member and stopped development. I’ve been a full member since and don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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Now I’m getting to that point again. That point where I want a better book focused social network. With certain features that will save me so much frustration with what already exist on the market. So I’m gonna build it myself, for myself, and for those who love to read and will like to have the same.

What I’ve got in mind for the initial version

So to start I want to avoid biting off more than I can chew so these are whats on my plate for the first version.

  1. Twitter Integration. Many folks already use twitter for their book recommendations. Me included. Bookmarking tweets is so far from ideal for keeping track of book tweets. Something better should exist.
  2. Better Booklists. That’s basic but these lists should allow me to note why I added a book to my to read list. There’ll be a did not finish list as well and of course you can’t rate a book that you did not finish.
  3. A clear rating system. I recently discovered that officially a 3 stars on goodreads means you like the book. I always thought that would be 4 stars. So I’ll do away with stars or numbers. A clear rating system is important.
  4. Critics and Regular reviews.  Think rotten tomatoes but for books


I got a few more ideas but those will have to wait till I get the core product up and running with some feedback from users besides myself.